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Ì åïñ†z ñð hðllå ßå¢k gµrl!!!¹¹ [entries|friends|calendar]

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[30 Jun 2005|02:43pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Lykezz im gonna be on VaCatIoN for aboutz 4 dayzzz so I wontz be updating, i kno u all be cryin about itzzz ill be backz wednesday. ALSO don't be say sh** aboutz me or BeThAnY will kick your a$$!

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MmMm NoOkIeZ [29 Jun 2005|07:59pm]
[ mood | horny ]

OmGz lyke I thinkz a year ago, I waz at this hott Club in L.A., I  gottz in for freez b/c I flashed my tittiez at this big Black BOUNCER even thoughz I wasn't 21 hehehee. ANYWAYZ I waz a dansin my a$$ offz all theSE Boi's were afterz my a$$ and all grabbiNG on mehz butz i lyke it!!111 so I keep dansIN with all these boi's when I heardz a voice from behinds me SOoOoO I turnz around and its FRED DURST no liezzz. Hez all lickin his lipz at Meh and grabbing my a$$ while im a dansin with him grinding my sh*t on his dik. Thenzz his SONG "NOOKIE" cums on and Im all lyke freaking on him I felt a bonerz, he thennn bought me a few drinkzz that made me drunk azz HELL(but they so yummy yum yumz). He takezz me out to his FERARRII from the Paparrazzi takinz pics of us ( i posed he just put his headz down, i wonder whys?) we go back to hizz PAD and I stripz for him to his own cdz playing the steriooz! Hez all like "get on camaera'z babe i make you look sOoOo F**Kinz hott" so i teazee him and I let Him BanG me Everyway possiblezzz on VideOzzz and he madez me wear his red hatzz he alwaysz he toldz MEH it wazzz "for his protectionz" he thenzzz dropped me homez and gave MEH his CELL #. he callz me once in awhile for a f**k of courze I can't deny's untilz he stopped when His T-MOBILE gotz HACKED and I was on Cameraz wit him...uh oh..




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HELLOOOO!! [29 Jun 2005|06:01pm]
[ mood | hung ova!1 ]

wElL this lyke my first postie!! heheheehehe summa has been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooc GREAAT!!1111oneone OMGZZ me and BeThAnY when to a COLLEGEEEEEEEEEEEE Partie and we got some DIK IT WAS FUNZZZZZZ HAHAHAHIOAHASIO! BeThAnY thinkzz shes pregzzz but i don'ttt think soooooo b/c she took it up the a$$...so i kno its safee.

i needz a layoutz soon, i wantz a britney spears one shes sooo cute, her and k-fedz are to dye 4!!

1 ppl wantz more| it'z just me againzt tha muzic!

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